Corporation Counsel

We are a team of legal professionals committed to providing excellent legal services to the City of East Orange.


We strive to consistently provide:
  • A top quality and professional service; I ask the staff to be proactive and creative. We do our best to be positively integrated into the day-to-day operation of the city and advocate for the changes that have been authorized and/or directed
  • An environment that is supportive and empowering and in which professional development for all members of the staff is a key objective of the services we provide
  • A team that focuses on providing legal services that are efficient and cost effective
  • A team that is consistently looking for ways to improve the delivery of legal services to the municipal corporation
  • Effective and timely responses to requests for legal services


  • To be viewed as a "best in class" municipal law department.
  • To have and maintain the trust of our clients and be known within the City and the legal community as a law staff that provides top quality legal advice and performs excellent legal work that is timely, thorough and continuously improving.
  • To be considered an employer of choice.
  • For our staff to be appropriately compensated and supported, provided with professional development opportunities, and have access to solid technology that creates efficiency and effectiveness in the practice of law.
  • To have a staff that is proud to be part of this organization and who always seeks to enhance the quality of our work and of our professional reputation.