Summer Day Camp

July 2nd - August 10th (No camp on July 4)

Teen Camp
Ages 13-15 Camp Fee: $60.00 per week
East Orange Stem Academy 129 Renshaw Ave.

The Teen Camp staff are committed to keeping the minds of our youth positive and focused on their creativities and innovative ideas in the world of technology and media. We pride ourselves in having some of the most intelligent, talented, and tech savvy teens in the nation. Our quest is to help them tap into these hidden talents, and further develop their skills in the areas of editing, photography, filming, and journalism and in an effort to assist them in becoming all they aspire to be. We are focused in our efforts to foster their existing skills and take their talents to the next level. Our goal is to empower them with knowledge and life skills that will allow them to become marketable and compete in the world of technology and media in the twenty first century and beyond. Our goal is to spark ideas for future journalist, photographers and other media specialist, unleash hidden talents, improve on previous knowledge, work through and conquer any challenges, and build team players. It is also our goal to have a finished project at the end of our summer program that portrays their talents and the heat and beat of our city in the summer.

Hart Day Camp
Ages 7-12 Camp Fee: $60.00 per week
East Orange STEM Academy.
Pre & After Care Available

The Hart Day Camp is designed to offer each camper the opportunity for a positive, recreational, and educational experience in a safe and secure environment. We hope at the completion of the camp experience, the camper would have had an exciting and rewarding recreational and educational experience, one that would have enabled each camper to reinforce his or her self-esteem, and increase his or her respect for community, school, environment and all people.
Hart Day Camp Number 1 Rule: It has to be fun!

FCC Day Camp
Ages 7-12 Camp Fee: $60.00 per week
1 Fellowship Circle (Greenwood Ave)
Pre & After Care Available

The F.C.C. Summer Day Camp is designed to provide an enriching recreational & educational experience for East Orange children between the ages of seven to twelve. The camp will provide a safe, well-supervised atmosphere for parents to send their children Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with extend hours available. The goal of our program is to give our campers a "FUN-FILLED SUMMER" while also learning how to listen and respect themselves and their community. At the close of the camping session we expect each camper will have had an enriching "FUN-FILLED SUMMER" while also detecting a marked improvement in the behavior and self-discipline of each camper. We will reach our stated goal with your help. The FCC Day Camp's mission is to create an environment that is safe, structured and extremely fun. Our goal is to expose campers to building life skills and experiences through activities that teach campers about team work, sharing, tolerance and about how to respect the environment. The ultimate goal of the FCC Day Camp is to have our campers

Camp Motto: Leave camp with a wealth of fun memories and experiences that will last a life-time.

Grow N’ Glow Camp

Ages 3-6 Camp Fee: $60.00 per week
Elmwood Park, Rowley Park, Mildred Barry Garvin School
Pre & After Care Available

The Grow and Glow staff is dedicated and committed to providing an atmosphere that is safe as well as an enriching recreational experience. We are passionate in fostering and developing independence, and fine gross motor skills,of which is carried out in a loving and structured environment. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages, enlightens, engages, and nurtures the very young. We also seek to create positive social skills, reinforce positive self-esteem, and build character and sportsmanship qualities. This process is accomplished through allowing creative self-expression, exercise,competitive sports activities, healthy eating, educational trips, and awareness of the community as well as the world.

Camp Motto: Helping to Build our Future Leaders One Step at a Time.

Cheering/Dance Camp

Ages 7-15 Camp Fee: $65.00 per week
Langston Hughes School, Mildred Barry Garvin School, Wahlstrom Academy
Pre & After Care Available

The Cheerleading/Dance/Double Dutch program is committed to teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading which include sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, fair play, character building, and enjoyment for the youth's benefit. A quality program that teaches the cheerleading basics, dance, aerobics, modeling, self-esteem, tumbling, gymnastics and pyramid building. The program is dedicated to building skills in a safe environment. The skills learned in camp will prepare our campers for the next level of cheering i.e.: Jr. High, High School or All-star levels.

Camp Motto:Safety first in everything we do! The skies the limit reach for the stars!

Co-ed Basketball Camp

Ages 8-15 Camp Fee: $65.00 per week
Cicely L. Tyson Middle /High School Gym 35 N. Walnut St.
After Care Available

Co-ed Basketball Day Camp teaches and challenge players to develop all aspects of their game. The camp is designed to instill a love for basketball to young athletes ages 8-15.
Co-ed Basketball Day Camp teaches and challenge players to develop all aspects of their game. The camp is designed to instill a love for basketball to young athletes ages 8-15. Shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and individual scoring techniques are taught in an atmosphere of encouragement, enthusiasm and fun. Our coaches create an environment where each child feels valued and is excited to work hard and get better. Your kids will grow and learn about more than basketball at the Co-ed Basketball Camp, they will learn about self-esteem, teamwork, and the value of hard work. You will see your child gain an improved positive attitude, greater appreciation for good moral values, and a better understanding of the keys that will lead to their own success. The sport is basketball, but the most important element is the children's future development.
Camp Motto: “It’s all about the Effort/Discipline & Believing in Yourself”